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Actual weather and climate of Gran Canaria Canary Islands Spain The weather of Gran Canaria

Live Weather from Puerto Rico:

Webcam from Puerto Rico:
Live webcam from Puerto Rico, the South of Gran Canaria

The climate of Gran Canaria The climate of Gran Canaria

The climate of Gran Canaria is warm, sunny and sub-tropical and remains almost constantly the whole year round. This because of the constant North-East Passat winds (Alisio) and the Canarian currents which are a part of the Gulf Stream. The temperatures in the South of Gran Canaria will not come below the 20°C during the day in the winter, and can reach easily 35°C in the summer. The difference in temperatures between the North and the South of the Island is normally about 7°C.

This island deserves the nickname 'continent in miniature', as it holds a wide variety of microclimates that go from the subtropical to the continental climates. The difference between the dry and rocky South and the green and humid North is surprising and worth to see.

The average temperatures oscillate in the summer months between 27 °C and 29 °C (81 - 84 °F), often exceeding 30 °C (86 °F), and in the winter months between 22 °C and 24 °C. The temperature at the different resorts can be big. If it is cloudy and chilly at your place, maybe you should drive 10 minutes South and the sun will shine! The mountains of Gran Canaria are blocking the clouds, so if it is cloudy on one side, it will be sunny on the other side. Gran Canaria and Tenerife in clouds

Average temperatures, daytime:
Month: Max. temperature: Min. temperature: Average hours of sun:
January 28.5 21.0 6
February 29.0 21.0 6
March 32.0 20.7 7
April 28.3 22.2 8
May 30.7 23.5 8
June 31.8 24.2 9
July 31.8 26.0 10
August 34.5 26.5 9
September 32.0 25.5 8
October 31.7 26.2 7
November 29.8 24.1 6
December 28.7 21.5 6

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