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Sell your yacht, advertise for free Sell your yacht

Whether you wish to sell a large sailing yacht, a small motor cruiser or a commercial vessel, Sonrisa Yachting will be able to help. With our extensive database of potential buyers, our powerful website, our international minded way of working and a seven-days-a-week operation we are in constant touch with market demands.

Just a few reasons why we are the right partner to sell your yacht:
  • Yacht professionals with many years of experience
  • No exclusive sales contract, you are free to sell your yacht elsewhere
  • Sharp commission of only 4% of the sales price, excluded VAT*
  • Approximately 1.800 visitors a day on our website
  • Automatic notification when a potential buyer viewed your yacht specification
  • Active sales and follow up
  • International minded, we speak 5 languages fluently
* Only for yachts with a sales price of € 70,000 / £ 50,000 / $ 90,000 and more. For yachts with a lower sales price we will agree a fixed commission with you.

Low costs, low commission:
Sonrisa Yachting is working as an internet broker. This means that we are able to sell yachts in every location in the world thanks to our website. We don't have the high overhead costs of expensive offices and private sales marinas, so we can keep the commission low. We advertise your yacht on various sources on the internet. If desired, we can organize an extended advertising campaign for additional costs.

Advertise your yacht Advertise your yacht

This is how it works:
We have an online form where you can fill in all the details of your yacht. Filling in the form might cost you 15 minutes, but it is worthy to send us as much information as possible. The more details we have, the better we can inform our potential buyers.

At the end of the form you can attach 10 photos. We have the policy that we only accept yachts with recent photos of good quality. We advise you to reduce the size of each photo to maximum of 600 pixels wide; this will speed up the upload process.

After that we received your yacht details, the information will be reviewed and published on our website. From that moment you will receive an e-mail at every time that a potential buyer has viewed your yacht.

Start selling your yacht right now! Send us your yacht details today by filling out the sales form below (will open in a new window):

Click here to start selling your yacht

More information? Send us an e-mail.

We are searching every day, worldwide for new yachts!

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