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Företag info Företag info

The legal owner of this and the other mentioned websites is the company Sonrisa Yachting with fiscal identification number NL01163227, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen, The Netherlands. You can contact the CEO/owner of Sonrisa Yachting, Mr. Leo Hoogma, by e-mail at address or by ordinary mail to Hoofdstraat 241, 9686 PC Beerta, The Netherlands.

The access to the website of Sonrisa Yachting is free, with exception of the password secured pages. The services that the company offers like for example the mediation in sales of motor and sailing yachts are not free. For the conditions and prices of the other services and activities of Sonrisa Yachting please consult the concerning website.

All the content of the websites is intellect property of Sonrisa Yachting. It is not allowed to reproduce or to copy any pages, text or images or parts of text or images of our website. It is neither allowed to use, reproduce or to copy data and/or information that is related to our weather station.

Sonrisa Yachting reserves the rights to apply any modification to the website, without any notice in advance.

Registered Trade Mark
Sonrisa Yachting, the logo of Sonrisa Yachting, and the design are registered trade marks, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands and at the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas in Madrid with number M 2.539.219.

For any consults or questions about the products or services of Sonrisa Yachting you can contact the customer services from 9.00 till 18.00 hours GMT by telephone at number +31 (0)597 855758 or +34 931 842 441, or by any of the postal or e-mail addresses mentioned on our websites.

Technical Information
The current websites are designed, for an optimized vision with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels or more with 256 colours or more.

It is recommended to use the browsers Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or higher with a ADSL/Broadband connection.

The technology used by Sonrisa Yachting for the design of the pages is HTML, JAVA, PHP, MySQL and animated GIF's.

© Sonrisa Yachting

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