How A Sex Chat Room Started My Yachting Adventure

A few months ago, I signed up for a sex chat site called Horny Chat. It just looked like a lot of fun, with their camgirls, chat rooms, and other people using the app in my city. I wasn’t expecting it to ever lead to much, just have some fun and maybe a couple of hookups.

However, I soon met a girl on Horny Chat who I ended up talking to a lot. We met up and hooked up a few times. We both had an interest in boating, it turns out, and that’s where my yachting adventure started.

Our Yacht Cruise Together

Our cruising together started with a little text with some flirtatious banter. This conversation continued for a long time with more flirting. We eventually started corresponding outside of the chat room. I wasn’t expecting to meet her at all, but she gave me the opportunity to get to know her a little bit. We talked about many things, like yachts, food, how the weather was different in England, and she shared a very sweet story with me about her dad.

After getting to know her better through this communication, she invited me to come cruise with her on her 38 foot, custom design yacht on her upcoming cruise. She was doing the cruise to promote her online shop and she wanted someone to cruise with. I thought it sounded a little fun and adventurous, but also scary. She was going across the Atlantic Ocean and a boat that size? The ocean is scary enough. We were very careful and watched all of the weather alerts in advance.

I had never really sailed on a boat before, but I was able to overcome some of my fears after the trip, not having any major mishaps just being cautious and lucky. We cruised for a few days and a week before landing in Lisbon, Portugal. By this time, you will see we already had a strong connection as we were already hanging out quite a bit and talking about our personal lives.

We decided to keep in touch for the first couple months after the cruise, because we found out that we had a lot in common. After that, we eventually started dating and we’re still together, and we have been together for almost one and a half years now. So that’s our story.

Learning To Love Yachts

Our relationship started with many yachting moments and conversations. She started inviting me to go to the docks and check out yachts with her. She started telling me about her love for yachts and they started talking at length about yachts.

One of the things she loved most about yachts is the beauty and romance that comes with yachts. And after our live sex cam show, I really felt in love with yachts. She kept telling me about yachts from her perspective, and I took everything in because yachts have a lot of beauty and romance to them. After a long discussion about yachts, she invited me to bring a few of my friend over for a few days. The friend ended up falling for a couple of the girls on the HornyChat live chat site, but I wasn’t able to introduce them to my friend because of an agreement not to meet the girls on HornyChat. However, we still continued to hook up with other girls after that.

After getting to know them more, we would hang out with them on the boat, doing a lot of drinking. One of the girls ended up being the cousin of her that we met cruising with us, and they had an idea to start building a yacht because they wanted to create their own website. We helped them, but they still had a lot of work to do on their website, so they kept asking if we wanted to come on a cruise with them. Because they liked us, we accepted, only to find out that their boat was a 35 footer. This was about 15 feet different than what we expected to.

We both also have a few yachts and have made plans to cruise together on some of our own, and we are both planning to find some other yachts to cruise on. Once I was introduced to her, I found my new best friend. She is very intelligent and pretty and we just have a lot in common.

My Final Thoughts

It seems like all I ever do is go on yachts. I met a great girl, and we got closer by the day. It’s been a long process to get to this point, but she’s worth it and I’ll never back away from her. She is very beautiful, intelligent, and has a great personality. I found out that we share so much in common, she seems like the best friend in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading our story with Horny Chat. We’re just getting started as I always look at the world positively, it may be an adventure.

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