Yachting Events

We are excited to declare that Markets, co-proprietor and administrator of The Yacht Show and Sonrisa Miami, is setting out on an energizing excursion to advance and develop our boat show portfolio, uniting with the agency and assuming control over the administration of both the Top International Boat Show and Tampa Boat Show, with the guide and course of the best, who remain proprietors of the show.

Through this association, the Miami International Boat Show, the Miami Yacht Show, and the Sonrisa local show will consolidate to make the main at any point joint occasion, dispatching February 16-20, 2022 over President’s Day weekend. The consolidation of these mark sailing occasions in Miami makes one of the biggest boat shows on the planet and a definitive deals and showcasing scene for our exhibitors, participants, and accomplices.

This will remember a development of our current for water segments at the Genting area, just as the ashore part at the recently revamped Miami Beach Convention Center, and the expansion of an enormous contiguous outside scene at Miami Beach’s Pride Park, which is set to have staggering encounters and enactments for all show guests, just as the re-presentation of Miami Dealer Days.

Bringing the Local Yacht Show, The Sonrisa Technical, and International Boat Show together altogether under the Informa U.S. Boat Show’s administration will permit us to use the ability and assets of every one of the three shows to give an unmatched encounter that gives outstanding development to marine producers and lovers, and gives a consistent encounter to guests and exhibitors the same. While the shows will be consolidated to augment an incentive for the marine local area, we perceive the benefit of safeguarding the one-of-a-kind components of the show that you esteem most to straightforwardly support and improve the experience for our Yachting people group. The soul and culture of the Yacht shows will stay flawless, while at the same time guaranteeing more extensive reach for our local area and extra instructive and experiential freedoms focused at Yachting lovers.

In the coming weeks, we will connect with give an update and further insights regarding the experience you can expect at the joint 2022 occasion.

We are respected to have the option to find this next way to an additional obligation to you, to the bigger marine local area, and to the local area of South Florida, and the expectation you go along with us in our fervor about the potential this stage gives.